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1655583_10152423633392143_1345278656411378447_oMy name is Emily Coday. I live in Denver, CO. I am currently a freelance writer and working on a book on POTS. Watch for more updates!

I was in college majoring in Biology and Math when I got sick. I wanted to get my MD and PhD and to research and treat autonomic disorders. Unfortunately, my own dysautonomia has sidetracked those plans.

I have had POTS for six years. I have a whole mess of diagnosis to go along with it. Ehler’s Danlos hypermobility type, Pseudotumor cerebri, and gastroparesis to name a few. Getting sick completely turned my life upside down. I hope to make others life a little bit brighter for others struggling with chronic illness through this blog and eventually my book.

If you live in Colorado feel free to email me to join our support group: emily.coday@gmail.com.

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  1. Hey, Emily!

    I don’t know if you do the whole “blogger award” thing, but when I had to choose fellow bloggers to be nominated for the “Liebster Award”, I thought of you!

    If you want to accept it, just go to my page and see the “Liebster Award” entry to see what it is all about. 🙂

    I hope this finds you doing well,

  2. I got sick about a year ago at the age of 31 and have had a range of symptoms that all came on all of a sudden. I figured out I had pots after a few weeks from looking online (none of the Drs I saw initially mentioned it, or had any explanation for my symptoms including a cardiologist). After about 2 months I had a ct scan done in the hospital that showed I had a 3mm non obstructing kidney stone and also calcium deposits in my prostate (not unusual for older men, but not super commen at 31). I also have ibs (generic term offered by gi dr), and feel pain around my gallbladder and a gastroperesis type feeling. My question is if you have any knowledge about taking calcium to try to bind to oxalates I the intestines? I have a blood calcium level consistently around 10 and bp that ranges from normal to fairly high around 150/95, and know that calcium channel blockers can be used to lower bp. I know it seems counterintuitive, but I’m wondering if anything I’ve read recently about calcium binding to oxalates in the intestines is valid, and also how it might impact gastroperesis since calci is supposed to relax smooth muscles in the intestines? Do you have any thoughts? I haven’t taken any calcium supplements yet since I don’t want to be doing the wrong thing, but it seems like it might have some promise?

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